Neytiri Vikar

 Neytiri is a Direct Czech Import
 DOB: April 24, 2016
X-rays: HD, ED 0/0
 Titles: BH, IPO1 & Show Ratings: KKL1, VD
Breed Survey: PJV1/P
Videos: Obedience:
Protection (bite work):

Sally Black Chabet

 Direct Slovak Import
Working Titles: SVV1, BH-VT, IPO1,IPO2, IGP3 ( IPO3)
Show titles: SG


Father: Extreme Orex Aykmar - HD 1/1, ED 0/0, BH, IPO3
QUALIFICATION WUSV 2014 1st place CACT(97,97,98), Master of Czech Republic - age 25 months
WUSV 2014 Haguenau, 8. place ( 93,98,94 ) 285 points, BEST OBEDIENCE WUSV 98 points - age 28 months !!!
QUALIFICATION WUSV 2015 1st place CACT(97,96,95), Master of Czech Republic - age 36 months
WUSV 2015 Lahti – 3rd palce (96,96,95)
QUALIFICATION WUSV 2016 1st place CACT(100,98,97), Master of Czech Republic
WUSV 2016 Meppen
QUALIFICATION WUSV 2017 1st place CACT(95,95,98), Master of Czech Republic
WUSV 2017 Tilburg 2nd place (93,93,96)
WUSV 2018 Randers
father pedigree:…/…/Extreme-Orex-Aykmar
Mother: Laica Amarcord - HD, ED A/A, BH, IPO3
mother pedigree:…/2793672/Laica-Amarcord
Both parents have IPO3 exams.
xras HD/ED A/A

Protection :

Xari vom Tropisch

Hips and elbows OFA
certified Good/Normal

 DM & MDR1 clear
Xari’s pedigree

Ixie vom Tropisch

Ixie is one of our very own bred by females! She is a stunning long coat solid black female. She was born and raised here and is a 2nd generation bred by staying in our breeding program!

Xibe vom Tropisch

Xibe is a bred-by female kept back into our breeding program. She is DM and MDR1 clear.
Xibe’s pedigree

Ellie- Serbian Import Puppy

This litter girl is came directly from Serbia! Photos of sire and dam are in the slide show above!

Sire- Lithium vom Fanino

Sires Pedigree

Dam- Gara Rim Trotter

Dam‘s pedigree

Mazikeen vom Tropisch

Sire: Boris vom Westindorf * OFA EXCELLENT hips and normal elbows. He is DM clear and is BH, IPO1 and IPG2 titled.

Dam- Neytiri Vikar Hips 0/0 certified good hips and normal elbows and DM clear! She is BH and IPO1 titled. KKL1 and VD rated as well as breed surveyed! Videos of dam working 

Dams pedigree