Nickor von Gross-Zunder

Nickor is a direct German import. He has his BH, SCHh1, SCHh2, and IPO3 titles. He is also V rated and KKL1 rated. He has A stamped his and elbows, OFA certified knees heart and is DM clear.
Nickor’s pedigree

Jaggo Bett Silver

Jaggo is a direct Czech import. He is DM and MDR1 clear and has X-rayed hips and elbows.

Jaggo’s pedigree

Cash vom Tropisch

Cash aka Chomp, is a bred by stud that is staying with our program! his sire is Nickor von Gross-Zunder and his dam is Brita of Sunnybrook. Chomp is a grandson of the world famous, world sieger second place winner VA2 Nino vom Tronje!
Chomp’s pedigree

Jax vom Tropisch


This handsome boy is from our II litter. He is DM clear by parentage (both parents are DM clear). Dams hips and elbows OFA certified. Sire x -Ray good hips and elbows.